Tips and Techniques

We want to be able to save you as much as money as possible and to help ensure that your belongings are packed properly to prevent any potential damage.

  1. When loading your truck, begin by placing your boxes and smaller items in the back of the truck. This will help you when it comes time to move into your storage unit.
  2. When you move into your storage unit, place your larger items and furniture in the back of the unit, then place your boxes and smaller items in the front of the unit. This is very helpful when you need to retrieve an item…everything will be right up front and easy for you to access.
  3. Take the extra minute to label your boxes with a marking pen (paper labels tend to peel off). Then, when you are looking for a particular item in a box, it will be easy to spot. Plus, when you move to your new location you will quickly know which room your boxes should be placed in. This is a great help to those helping you!
  4. Maximize your space. Determine what items you can stack or place on end to maximize the space of your unit. For example; are the legs on your dining room table removable? Can you place your couch on its end to save space? Place boxes on top of your appliances; remember, you have 10’ of ceiling height – take advantage of it.
  5. Try to create an aisle in your unit. This will help you get to the back of your unit, if you need to get out a heavier item.
  6. Be sure to load your boxes to the capacity that YOU can lift. If you need to move something at a later date, you want to be sure you can move it, without help.
  7. It is helpful if you use the same size boxes. If you do have different sizes, place the larger/heavier boxes on the bottom. This will also give you a little extra room in your unit.
  8. Remember to use dollies and hand carts whenever you can. And lastly, be careful with your own body and drink plenty of water.