What Fits

Below is a space guide to our storage unit sizes. Choosing the best size of storage space to fit your needs will save you money! Call one of our team members today who can help guide you in determining what will make the most of your storage space.

5×5 (Standard Closet)

Ideal for storing small furniture, like:

  • up to 20 medium size boxes
  • seasonal items
  • sporting/camping equipment
  • clothing
  • miscellaneous household or office items.

5×10 (Large Walk-in Closet)

Can accommodate up to 40 medium size boxes or items found in a one bedroom or studio apartment, for example:

  • dining room set
  • couch
  • mattress set
  • boxes and miscellaneous items
  • perfect for outdoor patio furniture set or other seasonal items.

10×10 (Standard Bedroom)

Store furnishings from a large one or two bedroom dwelling, such as:

  • washer/dryer set
  • large appliances
  • patio furniture
  • boxes and miscellaneous items

10×15 (Large Bedroom)

Great for storing items from multi-bedroom apartment or 2-3 room small house, such as:

  • large appliances
  • multi-room furniture
  • garage items

10×20 (Single Car Garage)

Room to accommodate items from a 3 to 4 bedroom dwelling, for example:

  • large appliances
  • multi-room furnishings
  • washer/dryer
  • boxes
  • garage items
  • standard vehicle or boat

NOTE: Illustrations and examples are for reference only. Unit sizes vary, sizes are approximate by Self-Storage Industry Standards and may vary from actual size